Puerto Aventura

Puerto Aventura

by Riviera Maya Sotheby´s International Realty

Out of all Riviera Maya’s opulent resort communities, the one in Puerto Aventura stands atop. Reason: its Americanized theme with more English speaking business owners, restaurants serving a lavish American fare and luxury golf course adjoining the 900-acres of lush gated community. Posh villas in swanky communities, quick access to a well-maintained beachside setting and myriads of American hotel chains cater to the needs of most international travelers coming from all neighboring North American countries. These sprawling communities with posh apartments or apartamentos, how the locals say it, attract many international retirees, wealthy investors, and avid Mexico real estate buyers.

But Puerto Aventuras attractions do not end here. There is more, including its unique Delfines Puerto Ventura or the Dolphin Discovery center setting that offers an up-close experience to all guests who take a ‘swim with dolphin’ activity package. Families with kids will love a variety of shows featuring sea lions, dolphins and other sea creatures that are kept in a simulated environment.

The region, within its main tropical setting lined with upscale properties, offers a number of opulent hotel and resort accommodation options. Nestled just a few miles from the sister city Cancun, Puerto Aventura offers an easy access to all Riviera Maya's resorts, attractions, and alluring beaches. While the 900-acre gated community, particularly popular for real estate investment México opportunities, offers a safe shelter for golfers and vacationers alike, it has become a dream haven for retirees, especially from the United States who find the area’s south Floridian resemblance very fascinating.

If looking for something different, apart from beach fun, resorts and cocktails, then exploring the culinary scene in Puerto Aventuras is recommended. Just like Playas México, Playas Puerto Aventura has a diverse restaurant scene with many dining options to select from. There are local eateries that serve everything from the tapas to those tasty Yucatán delicacies, and fine-dine restaurants featuring romantic beach-front settings with a menu that include enough fancy dishes to make epicureans drool.

Local festivals, apart from the traditional and Yucatán fiestas, draw a number of tourists to Puerto Aventuras too. The most famous of all is the fishing tournament, where a number of participants enthusiastically compete for a grand prize. The recently inaugurated Cultural Center is also quite popular among visitors seeking more information on culture, México lifestyle and history.

If choosing to invest in México real estate, then Puerto Aventura México can be an interesting option. The huge golf community, offering luxury desire living México homes, is an ideal choice for retirees and couples. Villa rentals here for vacaciones México are gaining popularity exponentially for those avoiding the maddening crowd in Riviera Maya’s resort towns.

Puerto Aventuras, after all, has all basic amenities and entertainment options for a dream luxury living on the Yucatan Peninsula coast. The nearest international airport is in Cancun, which is just 60 miles away. Day-trippers and adventure seekers will find endless choices too with options ranging from Xcaret’s serene eco-archeological parts and the inlet water park in Xel-ha. Plus, the town’s proximity to Tulum, which is just 25 minutes from Puerto Aventuras, offers an abundant touristy things-to-do for guests of all ages.

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